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What Parents are saying about Valiants Academy

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Our first introduction to Valiants Academy was through a friend who praised it for its low class strength. When we approached the office, we were asked if we would like to sit for an observation. Observation is where an adult sits silently and watches a class at work. We were blown away by the way children were given freedom to move and interact. Even with this freedom, children conducted themselves with utmost discipline. Everyone was working harmoniously. It took me a while to spot the adult in the room. Children interacted with her as a friend. The adult treated the kids with respect. A kind of respect that each child deserves to get - but is seldom seen even at homes. It was at that moment we knew that we had found the right school for our child.

Child is the center of each decision taken at the school. We have come to trust the vision of Sujay. There is one sentence he told about our child who even to this day fuels us - "He is a beautiful child as he is." The school embodies this statement. Each child is given the freedom to choose what to learn and the pace at which to learn it. As Sujay keeps telling us, the children blow us away! 




Abhyudaya Parent

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