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Mission, Vision & Values

What we believe, Where we intend to get and How Values are going to lead us

Mission and Vision


To provide a happy, caring and a child centric learning environment in which children feel secure, mature emotionally, creatively and cognitively


To encourage the child’s natural desire to learn by rewarding self-expression in an atmosphere of genuine trust and warmth


To provide an ideal foundation for the child to set the tone for the reminder of his / her academic life and to become an integrated personality

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To create a POINT OF REFERENCE for FURURISTIC EDUCATION in terms of PEDAGOGY, TEACHER and PARENT - RELATIONSHIP and ENGAGEMENT, COMMUNITY - CONTRIBUTION and INFLUENCE and RESPONSIBLE INFRASTRUCTURE, which could then be replicated to serve every child and the community.



Our values represent the foundation of our Education Method


Create positive learning Space that supports Growth

Thought that inspires Freedom of expression and movement

Providing Facility that encourages Imagination and Reasoning


Fostering and Supporting Independence to realize self-worth


Experiencing Freedom with comes with Responsibility


Discipline as an outcome of being Independent and Free


Practices that constantly enhances the Self confidence, Self Image and Self Respect

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