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School Circulars

Intimations sent from the school


Circular 1 

Date sent : March 24th 2021

Subject : Virtual Open House


Dear Parents,


Happy Afternoon!


It was a memorable journey this academic year with children. Every year children present their work in Open House and it is an experience by itself of how children have developed over the period of time. This year it has challenged us and the children to adapt to the virtual environment hence to keep the culture of the school on, we are having the Virtual Open House.  We welcome all the parents to join the session along with your child/children and stay connected till the end of the session. It is time to appreciate children's efforts.


Kindly find the Open House details as below:


Date     :  27 March 2021, Saturday

Venue   :  MS Teams – Assembly folder

Time     :  4.30 p.m. 


Warm Regards



Circular 2 

Date sent : May 24th 2021

Subject : DANCE – Cultural Activity

Dear Parents

Hope all is at its best and everyone in the family and all the people you know are safe and keeping the best of health. Humanity has come closer than ever before and the interdependency we have is more prominent in these circumstances. We shall hold this learning that nature is teaching us for time to come and become responsible personalities.

The enthusiasm of children to come back to school is shared by us and we were looking forward to the start of this academic year. However we see this as a delayed possibility.

The physical energy children have, need a directed expression and this has been curtailed almost to its fullest with children not allowed out of the home environment. We believe that physical fitness is the key to mental fitness. In line with the challenges and the thought, we will be introducing DANCE once a week for children for all grades. As always the best is offered to our children. Mr.Praveen (or his associate),  one of the leading dance teachers from Genesis Life will be conducting live online sessions. These sessions are open for parents also to participate and have some physical fitness in a fun and enjoyable manner.  This will be on an experimental basis for an initial period of one month and based on the interest and participation of children we will review the same.

It will be our continued effort to be dynamic in our effort to support children and give them best at all times. The schedule of the classes will be shared at the earliest.

Loving you





Circular 3

Date sent : June 17th 2021

Subject : School Birthday


Dear Parents,


Greetings from Valiants Academy!


Valiants Academy celebrates June 26, 2021- the nine years of it progressive journey envisioning Elementary Montessori Philosophy. This memorable day of inception of Valiants Academy has always been fresh in all our minds and this School Birthday is always an eventful, rejoicing day for children and adults. The programme will be from 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. in General Assembly Valiants Academy Meeting Hall.

We invite children to participate in activities on this day.  Children may choose to play instruments, sing songs, showcase dance programmes, recite poems. It would be great if participants respond promptly with their names and their choices of display. The entries should reach us on or before 20th June, 2021.

We are sure it will be a success with parents’ cooperation and encouragement.

Warm regards,



Circular 4

Date sent : July 12th 2021

Subject : Cancellation of Sanskrit Class.


Dear Parents,


Kindly be informed that the sanskrit classes will be called off for all grades from July 12th to July 22nd as Sir would be taking his examinations.


Grade 6,7 & 8 children will be logging into Second / Third  Language Kannada classes at the time of Sanskrit classes in the above mentioned dates. The access for the same will be given to children.


Warm Regards



Circular 5 

Date sent : August 2nd  2021

Subject : Turning Point Schedule


Dear  Children,   


Kindly find herewith the Turning Point schedule and login details as below.


Date: 03/08/2021

Time:10:30 am

Online Platform : Zoom


Requesting children to Login by 10:15 am.


Warm Regards





Circular 6 

Date sent : September 6th 2021

Subject : Offline School Reopening Poll


Dear Parents,


Greetings to you all!

Hope this message finds you in good health and safe!

It is a pleasure to inform you that the government order has been published regarding the reopening of the school for Grades 6, 7 & 8.   There has been a detailed circular as the Standard Operating Procedures to be followed if the school functions on campus.

The Education Department has formulated the following norms which any school should adhere to for reopening on the campus.

1.      It is not mandatory to reopen the school on campus.  The school may choose to reopen depending on the parents’ feedback. 

2.      The time allotted will be from 10.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

3.      Hot water facilities will be made available at the campus.

4.      Children need to bring their snacks, water from home.

5.      Children need to bring a consent or permission letter from parents if the child is attending classes on campus.

6.      Children are to be dropped to the school and picked up from school every day.  School transport is not recommended by the government.

7.       Google form will be sent and the same has to be filled in on or before 8th September, 2021.

8.      Parents may prefer to continue online classes if they wish to.

We hereby inform if a substantial number of the parents opts for classes on campus, we may proceed further to reopen the school as per the norms of the government. 

Click the Google link given below and fill the form


Warm regards,





Circular 7 

Date sent : October 4th 2021

Subject : New Admission Orientation


Dear Madam/ Sir


We are pleased to inform you that Valiants Academy is open for admissions for the academic year 2022. We have created a learning environment at our campus off Kanakapura Road spanning over 6 acre. The space has been thoughtfully designed based on the psychological developmental needs of the child encouraging collaborative learning.


Sure you will agree that Montessori Primary is the best environment in which the child is allowed to discover himself / herself and pursue the area of their interest. With the growth you have observed in the children who have been through the Montessori method we are confident that you would like every child to enjoy his learning experience through this method.


We request you to inform the parents of the outgoing children of this opportunity and share a brief letter that we have attached with the parents .

Looking forward to your support in making this method of schooling a success.

Warm Regards


Valiants Academy



Circular 8 

Date sent : November 6th 2021

Subject : School Reopening Instructions


Dear Parents,

Happy Morning !

Kindly be informed about the route details with pick up/drop points for your kind perusal.

This particular month in November, the buses will be plying with the given points and timings and our intent is that children get used to the timings. The Geo fencing for the buses will be ready by this month end and until then parents can contact the given numbers in case of emergency.

The absence of the child to be informed to the school and to the transport provider the previous day through mail so that the bus schedule timings are not disturbed  

Mail can be sent to CC to

Instructions to children

Children should bring

·         Permission letter from parents.

·         Prescribed medicines with prescription in case of any chronic illness.

·         Water bottles

·         Morning/Evening Snack & Lunch

·         Sharing of food is not allowed

·         Sanitizer

·         Mask (always to be worn by the child)

·         Hand towel

·         Children to wear comfortable clothing & sports shoes

·      Children carry the notebooks that are being presently used on the first day of the school and the same can be kept at school in their respective environments. The same need not be carried everyday.

*Note: Hot drinking water will be provided at school. 

Warm Regards






Circular 9

Date sent : November 27th 2021

Subject : Health Checkup Update


Dear Parents,

Greetings from Valiants Academy!


It has been a fulfilling experience to have children at campus. Weather conditions have been very unpredictable with heavy pour downs. It is just to remind ourselves that as a community in school and at home it is important for us to keep good health. It has been one month since the school reopened and we thought it is our social responsibility to take a vow once again to be cautious at all times.

It is a greater responsibility for all of us to keep the health and hygiene of children. We must practice every morning to have a health check of the children at home before preparing children for school. Parents have to keep in mind that school cannot administer any kind of medicine at this point of time.  

We request parents that a health check every morning is a must and ensure that your child is healthy to go to school. In case of any symptoms of cold, cough, fever or stomach aches seen in the child it is better that the parent keeps the child at home till she or he recovers completely and comfortable to come to school. We at school are observant of all these in our environment.  At school, it naturally becomes a community responsibility.

I presume parents will agree on the same fact. We request parents to be aware of the fact that children need all our attention in this regard.

It is with your unstinted support we have gone ahead and we acknowledge the same.


Warm regards,







Circular 10

Date sent : December 3rd  2021

Subject : Nurse @ School


Dear Parents, 


Greetings from Valiants Academy!


We are glad to share that Ms. Priya Nayak , a School Nurse has been appointed to take care of children's hygiene, safety. She is a qualified, trained nurse from Rajareshwari Medical College. She has worked in hospitals as a Nurse and has the experience of working with children as well. 


We are happy that our children will be cared for and fostered and she will be on duty full time in the infirmary. 


Warm regards, 






Circular 11

Date sent : January 20th  2021

Subject : Academic year closure and reopening date update


Happy Morning !


We take this opportunity to appreciate your sincere efforts in adapting to frequent changes offline and online due to the pandemic. Your implementation of any program planned has been seamless, focussed well on children’s progress.  This has been recognized and certainly you have added a lot of value to the school. The team spirit with which you have been collaborating is amazing and really purposeful to the common goal we have set.  


We are required to follow the year ending tasks and also prepare for the next academic year 2022-23. This schedule will enable all of us to plan and prepare the academic records for the smooth functioning in the coming year. During this time, we need your presence on all days so that it is well coordinated.  We hereby inform you the schedule for the last term of the academic year will be as follows. 


§  Last working day for all children Grades 1 to 8:  March 31, 2022

§  Observation Report /Parent Adults Interaction: March 28, 2022 to April 2, 2022

§  Adults on duty for completion of the year ending tasks: April 3, 2022- April 9, 2022

§  Summer vacation for adults:  April 11, to May 10, 2022.

§  School Reopens and Adults resume duty : May11, 2022

§  School Reopens for New admission children across all grades and for existing Grades 8 & 9 on May 16, 2022

§  School Reopens for Grades 1-7 :  June 1.2022


Kindly note the details and be planned for all the tasks proposed during this time. 


Warm regards, 




Circular 12

Date sent : February 26th 2021

Subject : Grade 7 & 8 Parents meet


Dear Parents


Every situation provides us with an opportunity to learn and grow as long as we keep the focus on what is the lesson that is being taught. The years gone by have challenged us in all dimensions and to many it has reset the axis and priorities. With the belief that the best is ahead of us we shall prepare ourselves to be surprised with celeberative times ahead.


The effect on children has been at different levels and the gaps need to be bridged by conscious choice of our actions at all times. Understanding them will help us in responding to their needs and explore the possibilities of meeting the demands that are innate to them during these developmental years. Our interactions over the years have helped us in this journey and connected us so strongly that it almost looked like one entity to the child. Consistency in our approach to meeting their needs is the best we could do during these times.


With the situation being conducive for an in person session, let us meet at Valiants campus on Saturday, 5th March 2022 at 9: 30 am for a duration of 90min. I am sure that the environment will provide a soothing and a relaxing atmosphere with some additional pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to understand the child.


Please do confirm your participation with the number of participants to make necessary arrangements at school.


Loving you






Circular 13

Date sent : March 25th 2021

Subject : Holi Celebrations


Dear Parents,


Greetings from Valiants Academy!

“Joy, feeling one’s own value, being appreciated and loved by others, feeling useful and capable of production are all factors of enormous value for the human soul -  Dr. Maria Montessori

It is wonderful to convey our wishes with a wisdom quote as we write this note to you all. We had shared successes and challenges, yet despite all, we continued the work that has to be done to ensure the safety and academic needs of our children. Children enjoyed consolidating their learning and also it was fruitful to see all of them working in the environment utilizing the materials and resources of research in the library. It gives us immense pleasure to see the children at their best happy learning.

I take this opportunity to thank you all for the support and patience shown this whole academic year. The expression of gratitude is for all who have been working with the child at home and school.

Valiants Academy with its mission in hand closely observes the needs of development in children at every phase of life at every point in time. We did observe children wanting to play more than ever, enjoy and involve themselves in cheerful activities with their peers.    We have purposeful sessions wherein the children are free to express their thoughts, ideas and they all reflect their needs of development culturally, emotionally and above age appropriately.

We did remind ourselves with this quote of Dr. Maria Montessori’s

“Let us leave life free to develop within the limits of the good, and let us observe this inner life developing.  This is the whole of our mission”

Children came up with a beautiful idea of celebrating “Holi” at campus. Children had a discussion as to how we have to plan the same and it is wondrous to note the finer points of celebration brought to light in the course of discussion by the children.   It was a proud moment for adults to watch them detailing in steps. Here we are out to celebrate “Holi” at Valiants Campus to make it a colorful event with happy moments with children.  Culturally, it represents Valiants love for children.

We have organized the “Holi Celebrations” on 31st March, 2022 between 2.00 p.m. and 2.45 p.m.  in the school football ground.

Kindly note the instructions for the Celebration of Holi at campus.

  1. Children will be dressed in dry fit clothes. Let them bring a spare set of clothes for change.

  2. We will provide all the colours for playing Holi. Let them not bring any colours from home.

  3. Children are allowed to bring “Pitchkari” or water gun of medium size for children to handle them and also easy to refill.

  4. The Holi Celebrations will be between 2.00 p.m. to 2.45 p.m. in the football ground with strategic allotment of ground for younger and older children under adult supervision, safety and care.

  5. Children who have chosen not to play “Holi” will choose to be an audience.

  6. Special lunch and snacks are arranged for this day.

Kindly follow the instructions and send the children to school. We are looking forward to your cooperation and also to see all the children on the last working day of this academic year.


Warm Regards,




Circular 14

Date sent : April 2nd 2021

Subject : Ugadi Wishes

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