School Circulars

Intimations sent from the school


Circular 1

Date sent : March 9th 2020

Subject : School closing as per Govt. Directives

Dear parents,  

As per the directive of the Government keeping in mind the safety and health of children we hereby declare holiday for children from tomorrow 10th March  till further intimation from the education department.

Warm Regards. 



Circular 2

Date sent : April 11th  2020

Subject : SEP(students engagement program) for Children

Dear Parents,

Children must be excited to do the worksheets that were shared. It must be giving them some activity to keep themselves engaged and refresh the learning. 


The worksheets have been designed to ensure that the concepts that are presented to them are only included. However in some instances the child may be yet to consolidate the activity or find some generic terms challenging to comprehend. Montessori approach uses specific terms during the presentations, when formal worksheets are given the terminologies may appear new for the child and hence they may feel that they are not aware of what needs to be done. The necessary and sufficient help that will be required is to rephrase the terms into simpler ones and use different approaches to make them understand. This help needs to be offered in such a manner that the child stays confident to address the concept. 


We acknowledge the limitations the parents may have in some instances in helping the child to understand the concept in a way they are presented so that the work sheets can be completed. We shall be taking up SEP (Student Engagement Program) to help the children work through the worksheets. The help and the contribution from the parents in ensuring that discipline in maintained and time allocated to complete the worksheets should be adhered to. 


Student Engagement Program (SEP) 


  • Starting 15th Wednesday, the adults will connect with the children individually and speak to them regards to the help they would need to complete the worksheets issued for WEEK 1 and WEEK 2. 

  • Time slots will be allocated to each child and the same shared with you to keep the child prepared with necessary clarifications.

  • The adult will call at the allocated time and go through the challenges the child may have. 

  • Ensuring that the child works independently, the adults will only give concept / understanding help and not work on each question. 

  • The engagement shall be once in this WEEK and for duration of 15min

  • Parents should support the child in Listing the challenges if any, in the worksheets so that those can be addressed specifically.


The week from 15th April to 21st April will be for children to work on the remaining parts of WEEK 1 and WEEK 2 worksheets. 


We would plan a similar activity after WEEK 3 and WEEK 4 worksheets are sent out to children and then take the following week for SEP.  The allocated time slots shall remain the same for this interaction also and only the date will be changed and informed.


The focus must always be on giving them the help and the environment in which the learning can happen. The Self Confidence and the Self Image of the child are more important than completing the worksheets. Knowing or not knowing a specific concept to work on is only a matter of knowledge and interpretation. The way we interact with children all the time, especially when there is a strain at both ends, has to be with awareness, love and understanding. 


Loving you




Circular 4

Date sent : July 13th  2020

Subject : Submission of work Instructions

Dear Parents,

Gentle reminder for the below mentioned points

Kindly find the link for Grade 7 follow up work and submission record of follow up work. You can click the link and check the folder on a daily basis after 4:00 pm.

The children need to send the completed assignments only to the below mentioned id in the as given format. Eg: 20200708_Ritvik_Math

Kindly send separate subject sheets, do not club them into one PDF.

Warm Regards


Circular 5

Date sent: August 3rd 2020

Subject: Grade 1 to 3 children workshop on “Urban Life” 

Dear Parents, (Grade 1 to 3)


Greetings from Valiants Academy, 

It is enthralling news to share with you that Ms. Priya Venkatesh, Naturalist, is addressing the children on Urban Life on August 8, 2020 between 4.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m 


Naturalism is a well known philosophy, adds value to education and makes it pleasurable for children.   Valiants has always emphasized on connecting children with nature.  The senses work like real gateways of knowledge and offer tremendous opportunities for children to explore.  The present situation has not favored us to take children on outdoor activities for experiential learning.  Our willingness to offer the best has brought an idea instantly.   We are also associated with wonderful people who are naturalist by their profession.


It is all the more exhilarating for us that Ms. Priya Venkatesh, a naturalist, readily agreed to give a talk on Urban life.  She is a member of Nature Club, WWF, CMCA and Ecoedu.  She teaches French.  She is an enthusiastic nature loving person who goes on Trekking expeditions.  Many of her marvelous achievements are that she had scaled Shitttidhar Peak, trekked to Everest Base Camp.  Mrs. Priya Venkatesh shares her experience with pride of her Antartic and the Arctic Circles expedition. We are fortunate to have such amazing people amongst us.   We would like you to coordinate with children in logging in at this time to participate in this programme. 

Warm Regards



Circular 6

Date sent: August 26th 2020

Subject: Switch to MS teams for online classes 

Dear Parents,

Warm Greetings from Valiants Academy!

It has been a wonderful experience for us and the children to share the online platform for learning processes.   The sincere effort of the children, their regular attendance and progressive learning processes have been to our amazement and thrill.

The children’s enthusiasm to inquiry learning has inspired us more to discover new areas of presenting the concepts in an innovative way, making them feel the school environment virtually. 

In the beginning of the session in the month of June, 2020 our aim was to just start and provide the sessions of subjects for each grade.  Meanwhile, we have been looking for effective platforms of virtual learning and domains with secure environments for all of us.

We have chosen Microsoft Teams as a new workspace tool for our online sessions.  It is possible for us to focus on our tasks which we have been currently doing as a school.   It gave us time to contemplate on commercials and quality rendered.  We with our vision even in the smallest of aspects as software had to research a little before launching the same commercially for us.  Certainly, we were looking for the key features of the tool and our goals of the Montessori environment to the complete efficacy.  The thought was very clear, children as the priority, their joy of learning as we do in the environment at campus.  The adaptation of the children has been tremendous in focusing on their learning.

The adults have been effectively preparing for these sessions.  We have been visualizing the children enjoying it equally with their interaction and participation. 

It is indeed a pleasure to share with you, that you as parents have been understanding the challenges, the need of these critical times, the dynamics of the virtual platform and coordinated well with us.

We would like to switch over to Microsoft teams as our workspace tool from August 31, 2020. We have reframed the schedule to cater to a single platform and the new Time Table along with User id and password will be shared soon.

We look forward to inviting you to a progressive change of platform Microsoft. The Guideline to join MS teams is attached herewith


We once again thank you for your unstinted support and coordination.

Warm regards,






Circular 7

Date sent: September 15th 2020

Subject: 3R instructions to Grade 7

Dear Parents, 

We acknowledge the requirement to conduct assessments / test / Review Assessment for children, however in discussion with Mr. Sujay, he shares that these terminologies trigger a very different feeling in children which are not essential at this stage of their development. Essentially the purpose of these assessments is for the child to RECOLLECT what they have learnt, for the teachers to REVIEW and then for the Children to REFLECT on how they can be better the next time. Accordingly, we at Valiants shall terms these activities as RECOLLECT, REVIEW, REFLECT. (3R)


We would like to inform you that the first 3R for the academic year 2020 - 21 is scheduled as attached.  The chapters or lessons included are also attached in this e-mail. Kindly ensure the children participate for the same as scheduled. 


The guidelines are as below. 


3R will be from September 24th to 1st October 2020. On these days there will be no regular classes.


Every day the 3R paper will be uploaded in the Grade 7 chat section of MS Teams by 9:15 am.


The completed answer sheet needs to be saved in the below name format

3R_Subject Name_Child Name and email it cross to ------------------  by 11:10 am.


Warm regards, 





Circular 8

Date sent: October 5th 2020

Subject: 2020-21 New Admission Orientation

Dear Parents,

The focus of education has been academic over the years, leaving behind the very purpose for which education was considered necessary, a way of life. In today’s world we find that a system of education that ensures holistic development of the child, nurturing him to identify, explore and enjoy his potential is most essential.With most of the work being done by machines in some form or the other, we believe that the only purpose of human beings in the days to come will be to build a better world, with a closer and fulfilling relationships and being responsible to the entire environment at large. Valiants imbibes a method of education that addresses most of the concerns and challenges the present education system is facing.


Valiants Academy, Elementary Montessori Environment was started at Jayanagar in the year 2012. We presently have 100 children from grade 1 to grade 7. We have shifted to our new 6 acre campus on Kanakapura road close to Valley school and creating a unique learning environment. This project is child centric and the language of the infrastructure reflects the philosophy of the institution.


The admission is open from Grade 1 to Grade 7. While we prefer children to be from the Montessori background for admissions from Grade 1 to Grade 5, we are open for non-Montessori background for Grade 6 and 7. The curriculum followed will be CBSE / NEP using the Montessori approach.

Understanding the philosophy and its approach towards education at Valiants is essential for the parent to make an informed decision, which will greatly impact the learning of the child.  We have scheduled an ORIENTATION program and the details of thesameareasgivenbelow.With only THIRTY FIVEseats that will be allocated for the academic year we will be limiting the number of application forms that will be issued. You may also inform other parents who are interested in having their children experienceValiants philosophy and culture.


“Preserving the individuality of the child” is one of the prime responsibilities of the parent and this can be achieved by the Montessori method. We are confident that you will take this opportunity and choose ValiantsAcademy for your child.


For any further details : Contact Mrs. Preethi


Call: +917899128787 / +917259590409


Loving you



(Founder Valiants Academy)

Please note that all sessions at Growing Wonders and Valiants Academy always starts on time and you are requested to be present at least 10 min before the start time.



Circular 9

Date sent: October 5th 2020

Subject : Thank you Note to parents

Dear Parents,

Warm wishes to you all for a healthy and safe living! 

It has been a wonderful experience to see children learning online and adapting well to all their academic activities. 

As a team we have been reviewing the processes at every phase. We continue to assess all the processes and have been taking continual feedback from Mr.Sujay on both children and adults enhancements. He leads us with the vision of Montessori philosophy, a core scientific principle we envisage for Valiants. We are amazed at the way he takes it to his heart and shares his thoughts to encourage us as individuals.


We implemented a protective, effective platform Microsoft Teams to enable our online sessions to function in a perfect environment. The periodic review and our introspection have always encouraged us to move forward with more activities for children.  We are exploring possibilities to add on dynamism to the online process in a phased manner to be effective both in time and space for children to enjoy the whole process.


Adults have been going through all the assignments sent by children and supervising their day to day class activities. The follow up work, assignments are very regular, we see a tremendous change in their day’s work.   We did receive very many appreciative remarks regarding children’s transformation of writing and communication skills from parents.  We are watching the children advancing in their tech- skills to their pleasure and delight as they are learning their concepts in a subtle manner.


We included fine arts and children are excited to participate in these sessions.  With regular assemblies children are kept in good humour giving us lots of surprises, presenting their handmade learning aids, which directly reflect their understanding of the concepts. 


We owe our thanks to all the parents who have been rendering their unstinted support in all aspects especially academically. The PTM for all levels have been enduring effort for both of us, yet there is a sense of fulfillment and understanding of the progress of the children in a personal platform.   We dedicate ourselves to the needs of the children as a school, it is equally a pleasure to see you all reciprocating in the same way as stakeholders of the institution. One such occasion is that you have been fulfilling the schedule of payments. This certainly has met our challenges in meeting our statutory requirements to our staff and other incidental costs. We thank you very much for the same. 


We as an institution look forward to being at the campus at the earliest.  The government has been back and forth in their decisions of reopening the school. We shall keep you posted of any further development in this regard.

Appreciating your kind patronage,


Warm regards,




Circular 10

Date sent: October 31st 2020

Subject : TAK & Kathaamrutum

Dear Parents,

Warm Greetings from Valiants Academy!

It is always a pleasurable occasion to interact with you all!

Mr. Sujay’s musings during our interaction led to yet another new programme TAK- Thatha Ajji Kathaigalu.  A Collaborative programme with Grandparents.  Mr. Sujay believes that children will learn history, a new skill set, wisdom, and family origin, develop a sense of humour and intent listening skills.  In the interest of children, we view it as an opportunity to provide them with knowledge bridging the past and future in children’s perspective.


It is by instinct that grandparents are excellent story tellers be it their own memorable childhood experiences, life situations, incidents or folk tales. Their affectionate narrations imply entertaining grandchildren.  It is a mode of bonding and life offering wisdom that helps in their emotional development.  To realize this program, we cordially invite all grandparents to come forward and share stories, experiences, and legendary memorable events with children on every Saturday.

Interested grandparents are welcome to tell stories to our children! Grandparents can choose their convenient date and time and inform us through mail on or before November 5, 2020.


The schedule will be as below:

For Grade 1 - 3 TAK will be on 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 3:00 - 4:00 pm and KATAMRUTUM on 1st and 3rd Saturdays from 4:30 - 5:30 pm. 


For Grade 4 - 7 TAK will be on 1st and 3rd Saturdays from 3:00 - 4:00 pm and KATAMRUTUM on 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 4:30 - 5:30 pm. 


 Note:  14th November 2020 the session will not be there on the occasion of Diwali.

Looking forward to your collaboration!

Warm regards,




Circular 11

Date sent: December 9th 2020

Subject : X’ Mas Holidays

Dear Parents,
Happy Evening !
X’ Mas Holidays are from December 24th 2020 to January 3rd 2021. The Online classes will resume from January 4th 2021.

The holidays are also updated in the School Element app.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year !

Warm Regards




Circular 12

Date sent: Jan 6th 2021

Subject : Parents Poll on School Reopening

Dear Parents


Wishing you a very happy and a prosperous new year.


We have waited for the government to give us the approval to start the school and now there is a guideline that has been issued by them regarding the same. The same in brief are as follows


  • Children of all grades can come to school in a phased manner. The exact dates are awaited for lower grades.

  • The classes will be held TWO times a week or as decided by the department at the time of actual opening.

  • The duration of the classes will be approximately 3 Hours

  • They must have MASK on them all the time and having a shield is also recommended.

  • Parents are to drop and pickup children from school.

  • There will be restricted use of TOILETS at school.

  • Water and Snacks if any shall be brought from home and not shared.

Apart from this the parents are to sign the consent form to send the child to school.


We are also required to get parents' opinion on the same before this is taken ahead and decision taken on the date of opening of the school.


Kindly find herewith attached the consent form if you choose to send the child to school. We are also giving you the link for a FEEDBACK regarding sending your child to school. Depending on the response we will take a call on continuing the online sessions or having classes for children offline.


The Link to the Google form is as below. Kindly fill the same and submit it by January 8th 2021.


Warm Regards