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Message for Our FOUNDER

Sujay Bangalore Sureshkumar

BE(CSc), MBA(Aust), BEd

Elementary Montessori Trained, (IMC)

Montessori Adolescence Program (AMI)


The need to change the approach towards education has been debated over time. The resistance to change has been the experience and practice that we have got used to. If anything has to be new, it also implies that there is no experience of the past and is loaded with uncertainties. Innovations in education is only possible when there is absolute clarity on the needs of the child in preparing him/her for LIFE. A life which is dynamic, uncertain leading to several choices and possibilities.  " EDUCATION FOR LIFE" should be the purpose of educational institutions and ACADEMICS should aid in that process. 

Valiants Academy is aimed at setting up a point of reference to education in every aspect. Infrastructure, Pedagogy, Teachers, Parents and all stake holders. Valiants will collectively stand proof of a method of education that will be not only redefine education but also be  relevant to the child of tomorrow. 

We acknowledge our limitations in bringing about this most needed and immediate change that would impact  children and the world at large. We are more than pleased to share our journey with anyone who is keen to understand and take up the practice in their institution. As Educators, We believe that we are all working in the best interest of the child and exchanging best practices will only ensure that more children are reached.

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