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- Poornima and Shashidhara

Valiants Academy has an open environment for learning. Teachers are friendly and approachable.
Uses child centric approach - Concepts are taught when the child is ready to receive the same.
Learning is a joy for the children here and never a burden. Equal weightage for academics and non-academics. Good exposure to sports, music , theatre and other art forms Focus on holistic development aimed at making the kids good human beings with the right value system

Chinmaya is blossoming beautifully at Valiants. Initially, he was a very shy child and would easily cry for trivial things. He is now in his pre-teens with a lot of self confidence and good control over his emotions. He is also quite independent while doing his homework, while studying and hardly requires any help.

We have completely trusted the adults at Valiants and they have been doing an excellent job of grooming the children. 

  • Appreciation of best school governing practices

  • Strategic and effective leadership

  • Good vision, commitment to education and betterment of the child in all aspects, accountability iii. Adults share the responsibility of students' academic progress.

We as parents are quite confident that our kid will come out of Valiants as a confident young man with right values and will be  able to handle himself better in future in all kinds of situations.

At Valiants, children are made to understand the effort that goes behind even those activities that sound simple and monotonous in our daily lives. For example, enormous amount of effort that is involved in growing the food that they eat, effort needed to make and stitch the cloth that they wear etc. This makes them responsible individuals. They don't hesitate to acknowledge when they do not know something and don't  hesitate to ask for information when in doubt, making them more confident. There is no unhealthy competition in the school environment and children develop love & understanding towards one another.

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