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- Ravi and Radha


Valiants Academy, for us, has been much more than a school. It is a beautiful journey for last 7 years and looking forward for more. Valiants has been a great place for children to fully live their childhood. Learning being an obvious part of every thing they do there, we also get to see that each child is left to be themselves. Valiants has not only been successful in practicing the elementary aspects of the Montessori method but also in transitioning children to get into the mainstream of education.

The adults at Valiants have been constantly putting efforts in offering the best possible experience to children with the child's individual needs in mind. We get to see this during the observation sessions and the open house programmes. We are very happy and grateful for having given our children the joy of learning through Valiants with whom we now feel like our extended family, where our children are safe and comfortable. Congratulations and All the best very best to the entire team!!



We are Valiants!!

Valiants Academy , is known as a school
Yet children are so happy here and stay cool

Valiants is a place for children to explore
They have no clue that they not only learn and much more

Valiants is a family of beautiful people who are called teachers
Who are so humble and free that along with children they become learners

Valiants gives children the life skills
That children apply with their complete will

Childhood and relationships they nurture That take the children towards bright future


We are the proud parents of Valiants
Our love and best wishes for you is for ever and constant!!

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