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I wanted to share something about Abhyu with you.


One night he asked me to teach me HCF by division. I thought this was the usual method and then planned entire activity the next evening. I had taken problems which I had found in his old maths book of this year. I noticed while flipping through, that he has tackled HCF multiple times this year and once again was grateful for the system which allows him to do so.


Once back from school, he got to work on the problems but complained and rebelled against doing this activity. After 20 minutes of haggling, I asked him

"Why? Why don't you do it? Looks like it is so easy for you!"

He says: "Its too easy. And boring..."

I take a moment. And the give him this: "Find HCF of 960, 330". To my surprise, he does it very quickly and without complaining.

Then I asked him: "Which is the largest prime number you know?"
He says: 97.


Hesitantly, I give him: "Find HCF of 582, 2910"
He jumps with joy and solves it. He says, "OH! 582 is a factor of 2910"
I am amazed.


Then he gives me: "Find HCF of 95428, 72652". I am yet to even attempt it.


After I am done being amazed with this, I asked him why he asked me to teach HCF if he knew it already, He said he wanted to learn the other "more advanced" method. Remembering an earlier discussion with teachers, I have asked him to ask the adult ( to make sure that he has completed all the prerequisites to have the presentation). I hope he asks!


Before closing for the day yesterday he asked me to be ready with "big numbers" for LCM. ***


I must take a moment to appreciate the beautiful way monocots and dicots has been presented to the class. Now, each time he sees a seed he wonders if it is a dicot or a monocot. We have had many interesting discussions. I remember that it was 5 minute lesson for me probably in 6th standard. I badly wanted teacher to explain more, but that's all the time we had.


Thank you for all you are doing. It is not an easy path. But I trust it is extremely rewarding!

Problems solved by Abhyu


Warm regards,

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