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Inclusion and Inclusive Program

Every child is nurtured to realize his/her own true potential

Inclusive Program

Valiants Academy is a CBSE affiliated School. The school has followed the guidelines of the Central Board of Secondary Education on Inclusive Education. We accommodate children who are in need of special needs and alternate education with the direction that it is implemented at primary education level.  We do collaborate with schools that are affiliated to NIOS programme and enable our children to appear for examinations with concessions and alterations in the syllabus and follow teaching methodology for children who need alternate education.

We have offered admission to a few children who need to be nurtured with special needs. Parents were taken into confidence regarding their learning processes adopted to these children. We would like to be in the mainstream and never ever differentiate them academically for both scholastic and non-scholastic activities. The selective presentations are offered to these children according to the children’s capacities and reinforcement is given by special educators. 

In the Classroom

Infrastructure: The school has facilities for children with special needs. The infrastructure is so very well furnished in all the rooms like class room, library, and activity rooms with all-inclusive comforts for all children. The laboratories and all facilities are barrier free and offer a secure feeling irrespective of their styles of learning and capacity. The school special provision of rest room for the differently abled persons. 

Special Educators: We have appointed a qualified, well trained special educator, qualified as per the guidelines of the Rehabilitation Act of India. The special educator is being offered a regular in-service programme to enable children learn both at elementary and secondary level. The special educator is well aware of the psychological needs and pedagogical needs, presents concepts in a systematic manner which are child specific and centred.


Aid: The school has all the required teaching aids of all concepts and also experienced educators who provide quality education. There are parent observation sessions twice a year wherein the parents are in the learning environment, a passionate moment to see their children progress academically. An adult is sitting by the side of the special children to motivate and guide them at every point of time emotionally too.

Individual Evaluation Programme: The Individual Evaluation Programme is    setting specific achievement goals, monitoring the progress and assessed periodically. There is a subtle approach to these assessment plans which is anecdotal, observative and redesigning the learning processes to achieve the academic goals.

Curriculum Concessions (VI, VII & VIII): We adopt the policies of NIOS considering the child’s learning capacities. Generally, we offer them English, Kannada, Science, and Social Science.  However, in specific cases, we offer them choice of subjects at this level and consider concessions and alternate subjects for Mathematics and Science. As per the guidelines of NIOS we choose subjects in consultation with their parents and we cater to their curricular and co- curricular areas.

Second Language, Third Language and Physical Education Exemptions: In collaboration with the NIOS School we do consider exemptions of second, third and physical education subjects.

Examinations: We follow the examination procedures as per NIOS considering all the child centred examination procedures like providing scribes, compensatory time and special concessions as per the guidelines of Inclusive Education.

We counsel the parents to obtain the necessary certificate from the concerned Government authority. We have a copy of the policy of the Inclusive Education programme as stated by CBSE

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