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Academic Achievements

What was done in the academic year which we consider as achievements


Environment Education


Environment Education is all about nature.  It connects us to the world around us both earthly as well as artificial manmade structures.    Our school has focused on environmental education integrating the concepts in curriculum.  The general awareness of the environment, empathy towards the nature and its abundance, humanistic approach in imparting education, providing aids for their learning and thus contribute towards environmental education. 

The broad spectrum of benefits that have been aimed at are:

  • Hands on experience and interactive learning of environment education is provided.  It sparks imagination and enthusiasm.

  • Provide opportunities to work outside the classroom and learning transcends into connection with the world.

  • Enhances critical and creative thinking skills  

  • Tolerance and understanding are established with surroundings and people.

  • State and national learning are met by various multiple projects across grades.

  • This natural instinct to be with the environment is promoted, thus the children learn to live with nature.

  • Health, lifestyles are encouraged during group discussions.

  • Community is strengthened.

  • Responsible behavior and action is taken by the children to create eco-friendly projects like school exotic flower garden and upcycling waste material.

  • Adults and children are empowered to accomplish such tasks.  

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